First and foremost, was created by horror and sci-fi fanatics! Our primary purpose in life is to provide fellow fans the very best there is to offer in horror and sci-fi paraphernalia. is proud to unleash:

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  • horror and sci-fi books film section includes a vast array of genre icons as well as lesser known fare. Everything from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to August Underground: Mordum can be found on our site. We even offer G rated films for the kiddie fans in training, including the classics It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Mad Monster Party.'s horror clothing section features horror t-shirts, belts, wristbands and a slew of new items arriving every week. We have a large catalog of horror shirts that feature some of the horror and sci-fi genres greatest films. is prepared to assault your ears with an aural attack unlike any the earth has ever experienced. We offer unto your senses The Protomen, Ghoultown, Midnight Syndicate and many more to come! is also proud to feature an Independent Film section unlike any other. Our staff has scoured the earth in search of horror and sci-fi independent films that cannot be found anywhere else. The films will be truly independent and will reflect the broad spectrum of what the scene has to offer. First time and experienced directors will display their talent, some for the first time, on our site!

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