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The Protomen Self Titled

The Protomen were concieved in 1987, when a diminutive Mississippi child was given a gift for his kindergarten graduation -- A small grey cartridge with a rather misrepresentative cover art. At that moment, six other children, of varied statures and geographical locales, were also given these cartridges, and thus their grooming began. Sixteen years later, in the middle of the state of volunteers and under the tutelage of Doug Mitchell, their paths converged, their fates were made known, and their assembly was made complete. There are a number of video game cover bands. Most of these bands like to take the restricted 8-bit arrangements of music from games like Super Mario, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda and expand them to a full, live band. The Protomen, however, take it a step further to pay tribute to one of the longest video game series of all time, Megaman. Track Listing - Due Vendetta - Funeral for a Son - Hope Rides Alone - The Sons of Fate - The Stand - The Stand (Man or Machine) - The Will of One - Unrest in the House of Light - Vengeance

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