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Midnight Syndicate - Gates of Delirium

A winding cobblestone road meanders its way deep into the thick forest blanketing the hillside. Up ahead, you can make out several spires rising above the treetops, signalling your arrival at Haverghast Asylum - your new home. As your horse-drawn carriage comes to a stop before its imposing front gates, you catch a glimpse of something scrawled across one of the otherwise-pristine windows high above you. "Turn Back" it says. Just then, a guard emerges from beyond the gate to escort you inside. Haverghast is said to be a place of healing for wayward minds, but there have been whispers of other things as well. Things that are too terrible to speak of...things that, if true, could make your nights here rather...unpleasant... Track Listing 1. Arrival 2. Welcome 3. Haverghast Asylum 4. Halls of Insurrection 5. Cage of Solitude 6. Residents Past 7. Adelaide 8. Phantom Sentinels 9. Gates of Delirium 10. Non Compos Mentis 11. Procession of the Damned 12. Infestation 13. Room 47 14. Dark Discovery 15. Morbid Fascination 16. Dead of Night 17. Alternative Therapy 18. Crimson Door 19. Unrest in the East Wing 20. Ebony Shroud 21. Sleep Tight Written and Produced by Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka Voices Ted Neroda, Dana Armstrong, Trishalana Kopaitich, and Christopher Robichaud

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